If you could give someone a nudge and change their life, would you?

Each year nearly 12,000 people lose their ability to walk because of spinal cord injuries. Most are young men. Many become isolated and hopeless. Bubba McIntosh was one of them. An athletic, fun-loving high school boy, Bubba woke up after a car accident and couldn’t move his legs. One day, a friend asked him to go swimming. Bubba had been a lifeguard before his injury but wasn’t sure he could swim. One person nudged him. And that nudge changed his life. He found out he could swim. It set him free.

Shoot for the Future is a sporting clay competition. We pair up able-bodied and chair shooters. And we nudge. On a beautiful Fall day, people gather and three great things happen …

  • Men and women find out they can still shoot
  • We raise money for educational scholarships
  • Lives are changed

Change the future by participating in this fun and meaningful event.