A level playing field

Albert Menefee inherited the love of hunting and skeet shooting from his father. He also inherited his position on the Shoot for the Future Board. It took participating one time and he was hooked.

Albert talks passionately about the amazing transformation that happens at the annual Shoot for the Future tournament. “You team up with guys in chairs who’ve been given a lemon in life. Some haven’t competed before and don’t necessarily have a good attitude. You don’t know when to give a hand or when to step back but you learn. You watch them push through with deep admiration.”

When the clays start shattering, there’s a shift. Chaired shooters can compete and win. “I’m a good shooter but they beat me. The playing field is leveled. It’s unbelievable to watch,” he says choking back tears.

This single act of coming together to have fun and share meaningful moments makes a difference. Providing a future through educational scholarships transforms lives. Albert calls it a ministry. And in the act of transforming the lives of others, he has transformed his own.