Can you see it, move to it, blast it, reload and win?

Aaron Cross does. He loves Shoot for the Future enough to make the 20-hour road trip from St. Cloud, MN to Nashville. The first event he attended was in 2009 but his journey started in 1991.

Aaron planned to be on the Olympic bicycle team by the time he graduated high school. If that didn’t work out, he was going to be a U.S. Navy SEAL. With ambitions like that, it’s clear Aaron was focused on his future.

A spinal cord injury changed things. On May 18, 1991, Aaron was racing. A support vehicle had stopped to help a cyclist with a flat tire when Aaron rounded the corner and hit the van at 38 mph. He became what’s called a “functional quadriplegic.” Aaron has no use of his body below his upper chest. His hands have the function of a one year old. Doctors told his family to get him a good TV and remote.

But Aaron kept his focus on a winning future. He is a three-time Paralympian in the sport of archery. He skydives, scuba dives, participates in marathons, triathlons, duathlons, trap shooting and hunting.

Three great things happen for Aaron at Shoot for the Future. He gets to …

  • Have a road trip with his father and friend to a beautiful Gun Club
  • Raise money for scholarships
  • Show off the tools he developed to make shooting possible for all

Make shooting possible for all by participating in Shoot for the Future. See it, move to it, blast it, reload. Learn more about Aaron at